Payswif was designed to be Fast, Secure and Most of ALL Easy to use.


Payswif aims to solve the problem of No digital commerce within St.Vincent and the Grenadines by creating a payment network for businesses and individuals which enables limitless possibilities.

Payswif is the first of its kind in St.Vincent and the Grenadines.

No Bank Account Required to make or receive online payments.

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No monthly or annual FEES

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Payswif is the first of its kind in St.Vincent and the Grenadines.

No Bank Account Required to make or receive online payments.

Sign up is FREE

No monthly or annual FEES

Get Paid instantly from local or international buyers

How does it work?

Payswif was designed to be completely unbanked which means you don't need a bank account to use it; though optional of course. Just like mobile phone credit a user can top up their account or use existing systems like paypal, debit and credit cards to make payments.

Register as a Vendor, Merchant or Client with each account type providing specific benefits. Read More about Account types...

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What can you use Payswif for?

You will be able to use Payswif for just about any online transactions; buying, selling, renting, bill payments or advertments/promotions, just to name a few. Building an E-commerce platform for a new or existing business or just an individual moving a side job online with Payswif the possibilities are endless. Learn how you can start accepting Payswif payments within your business.

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Our developers portal is coming soon with full access to API examples and Plugins. Contact us for integration instructions in your current projects or existing websites and mobile apps.

Need a specific feature?

Sell Swifcash an earn Profit

Meet Vendora, the brains behind the Payswif Trio. She has a way with numbers, and has created the opportunity for making money by selling SwifCash our Digital currency.
Vendors are a vital part of the Payswif Network, not only can they use the service normally but they can also make money from selling SwifCash. Register as a Vendor to earn money on every sale.

Hey it's Vendora - Swifcash sells really fast and in high amounts so it is a very good revenue stream. *wink*

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Sell locally or Internationally

Merchants whether big businesses, small businesses or just that one passionate entrepreneur looking to move their ‘side hustle’ online by turning their website or mobile app from a liability into an asset for e-commerce. Payswif's Merchant account will get it done!

We provide Merchants with many great tools such as; customizable web links to receive payments via instant messages or by attaching them to facebook post and any other social media sites. We have also developed an API that will allow seamless integration for websites and mobile apps. We provide support of the popular wordpress e-commerce plug-in woocommerce.

Merch - Did someone called for the muscle? Lets bolster your business together, Leading a Team is what I do best. Lets get that business in shape.

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Pay with Lightening Speed

Clients can be very keen on getting things done fast especially when it comes to making payments for the things they want right now! Payswif provides those top fast spenders the ability to make instant payments for the goods and services they need in a matter of seconds at any distance.
Client accounts are the basis of other two account types, but you can choose not to bother with all the bells and whistles by registering as a client. This account is great for teens and young adults, giving parents the ability to topup their account predefined amounts whilst keeping track of spending habits.

Yow, It's Speedy - of course its my real name and no it's not a name with starting with 'C', does that answer all of your questions?

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James Campbell:

Payswif Merchant: Facebook Buy and Sell Group Administrator I have never earned funds as a facebook admin until Payswif, now having a group of over 19 thousand members is beneficial. Highly recommend as a payment gateway.

Shakiesha James:

Payswif Merchant: CEO/Founder of Plutus Consulting Services Thanks to Payswif, Plutus was able to open another income revenue stream and accept online payments. We would highly recommend!
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